Is Personal Leadership the missing ingredient?

Pomme D'Or Hotel, St Helier

March 19, 2019 5:15 pm - 7:00 pm Pomme D'Or Hotel, St Helier

We are delighted to welcome Penny Ferguson to Jersey for our first event of 2019.
Penny Ferguson, the UK’s leading expert on Personal Leadership, is Founder of The Living Leader, a company that designs and delivers transformational leadership programmes. These programmes blend the key elements of individual personal development with results-driven corporate leadership interventions. Penny is the author of two books, ‘Transform Your Life’ and ‘The Living Leader’ and has contributed to a further four. She was also named Businesswoman of the Year 2008 in SHE Magazine’s Inspirational Women Awards.

Penny designed The Living Leader’s flagship programme, The Personal Leadership Programme (PLP) some 20 years ago. It has been instrumental in transforming the lives of individuals across the globe, and the business outcomes they achieve. Tens of thousands of people have benefitted from this unique Leadership Programme, which draws on personal experiences, life lessons and powerful models to teach life changing concepts and leadership skills. This unique approach has transformed clients’ business performance and enabled individual leaders to gain insights into how they can realise their full leadership potential in both their professional and personal lives.

Penny is an inspirational speaker, connecting with her audiences in a deeply personal way. Her life experiences resonate for many people and her honesty is refreshing. As a leadership coach she has worked with many senior executives throughout the world, helping them to develop their unique abilities and create cultural shifts through their organisations.

Clients include: Barclays, Centrica, Metrobank, P&O, St Andrew’s Healthcare Sky, Argos, Caterpillar, Sage, Somerfield, Comet, Ralph Lauren, Staples and Direct Energy.